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A world of sound (-files) 

Here are some links to sites with sound files from other countries and parts of the world 

Recently added:


Birdid 'Bird Identification' is a Norwegian website for anyone who wants to learn more about birds and wants to gain formal evidence of their developing skills.
Nature Soundmap The naturesounds from Souncdloud presented on a map.
Soundcloud Free cloud for (nature)sounds.
Freesound  The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License.
Xeno Canto Europe. A fast growing collection of sound recordings from an increasing number of contributors all over Europe. Quality very variable. (Does not work properly using Firefox).
Bird Sounds and Calls Most sounds are recorded in Latvia, few in Finland and Denmark.


ABC WILDsound  
Animal Sound Recordings Avisoft's list of sound files 
Australian National Botanic Gardens: alternative Bird Songs 
Bird songs: Songs and calls of some New York State birds 
Bird sounds Japan: a small index multimedia sounds of birds, most small files 
Dutch Birding Association: DBA has also a bird sounds page with more rare recordings. 
European Birds: a list with several Songs and Sonograms 
Fat Birder: Links to Bird Song and Sound Archives : Search the Web for Sounds, works also fine with nature sounds
Greg Kunkel's Birdsongs wav with some sonograms 
Honk Kong Bird Watching Society: sounds page' 
Listening Earth Australian Nature Sound Recordings 
Naturesongs: Digital Recordings from Nature. Also with lots of information about how to record, where and with what.
Naturesound: Martyn Stewarts site, including sounds.
Quick Guide to Bird Songs  
Scricciolo: Italian Ornithological Web Page several sounds in WAV format and some interesting links 
Sonographic Field Guide to Western Warblers  
The Virtual Bird: several bird songs in au-format. Finland 
Thryomanes' Home Page: a Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net 
Vogels van het Lauwersmeer by Rommert Cazemier, many sounds in de sounds (= geluiden) section (in Dutch).
Wild Sanctuary by Bernie Krause. By using Google Maps a map of our planet is shown with dots which hold complete 5 minute soundscapes of that area. Fascinating sounds: for instance, it is far from quiet in Antarctica....(Does not work properly using Firefox).
Bird Sounds and Calls Most sounds are recorded in Latvia, few in Finland and Denmark.

See also our audio links or sound files 



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