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CNR: Club voor Natuurgeluiden Registratie

the Dutch bioacoustical association

A short history of the CNR:

In 1987 about 30 people founded a club in the Netherlands to work together on recording nature sounds. Since 1953 some of them have been recording birds, mammals, amphibians and insects.
Dutch biological students and universities have been provided with suitable recordings. Compilings of discs and tapes have been sent to interested people. Personal recordings have been sold for commercial productions. Our sounds are used for lecturing in schools, together with slides or films.
We study new techniques of recording like digital DAT, MD and DCC. We can make two kinds of glassfibre parabolas in our own production.
We would like to help new recordists and (foreign) students. We can help by suggesting good locations for recording in the Netherlands. We would like to exchange sounds and interesting articles. Unfortunately most of our information will be in Dutch.

Above all we protect nature by not disturbing the animals!

So take our email-address with you, just in case you need us in the future, especially when you want to visit our country.

	Corvus monedulaClub voor Natuurgeluiden Registratie


Not all pages available here are in English. Some pages - like our  page with several nature sounds - have Latin and English names too. The rest of our information is often in Dutch. All sound-files are in MP3 format. Watch out pages translated by Google Translate. We are not responsible for the translated content.
Not all, but much of this information can be found in other languages by the use of the links we provide on our (bio-)acoustical links page, which is almost complete in English. For more technical information you can take a look at our audiolinks
You can also take a look at our sitemap for a Grand overview.
If you need any typical information we have not provided here you can reach us through email on the address mentioned above. If you have any tips or suggestions, please let us know ...

Our new CD is available NOW. It gives typical examples of the work we produce at present. Please order.


Some of our pages, which might be interesting to foreign visitors:
HomePage van de CNR: the starting-point of this site
Sitemap: the complete website in one overview
A list of our birdsound-recordings also with scientific & english names
Some nature sounds with a few special links 
Interesting (bio-)acoustical links in alphabetical order.
Audiolinks to more technical knowledge
Recent news: the latest (bio-)acoustical news from Holland



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