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In general you will find on this page the more theoretical and technical information you may need to build up your hobby or profession. Like: How to make your own Bat-detector or Parabola, About the quality and lifespan of tapes, How other bioacoustici behave in the field and make their recordings, and so on. There is a lot more information on the internet than we can mention here. If you need specific information you can't find here: try a search engine with some related words.

Background Info Recording Media Recording Equipment Accessories
general info
acoustics / theory
legal / law
digital (general)
Open Reel
Compact Cassette
Solid State
Binaural recording
other software
other hardware

back to top  Audio links: general info

Audio Engineering Society (AES)
Dolby Labs  
Harmony Central The Internet Resource for Musicians. 
Materials To Control Sound And Eliminate Noise  
The Car-Free Society Environmental Noise Problems 
Telinga parabola

back to top  Audio links: acoustics / theory  

Binaural Recording  
DPA Microphone - University: General Microphone Techniques and Pro Audio Glossary.
Geoff Martin's audio pages: a great diversity on info
Microphones and Wind: an article about the effects of wind and windscreens on microphone-performance.  
Pro Audio FAQ
World Wide Pro Audio Directory

back to top  Audio links: bioacoustics 

Bioacoustic Journal Library of  publications about bioacoustics
Enviroment & Nature British Library sounds archive
Listening Earth Australian: Recording the Sounds of Nature
Macaulay Library Sound library of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Xeno Canto Bird sounds library


back to top  Audio links: legal / law  

Buma-Stemra & Cedar.De auteursrechten-organisaties in Nederland. 
Geluidpagina, met links over geluid en geluidshinder in nederland, wat je eraan kan doen en wie daarbij kunnen helpen. Ook links over doofheid, muziek, audio/hifi. 
Home Recording Rights Coalition: do you agree to pay for the rights of your OWN recordings? 
NSG: Nederlandse Stichting Geluidshinder 
Noise and Traffic / Geluid en Verkeer some information about our (Dutch) acoustical environment. 
Silent zones Dutch site about regulation of silent zones
Greative Commons Licenses

back to top  Audio links: Newsgroups / Forums

Micbuilders Audio recording in all media: Tape, DAT, minidisc, hard disk, solid state ...Recording enthusiasts who like to get the most out of their equipment ... This Yahoo Group is demised in 2019. The group continues at:
Naturesound This unmoderated group is a spin off of the naturerecordist group for those members who feel the need to voice out about environmental issues appertaining to nature recording.
Nature Sounds Society The Nature Sounds Society is a world-wide organization whose principal purpose is to encourage the preservation, appreciation and creative use of natural sounds. The Society promotes education on the technological, scientific and aesthetic aspects of nature sounds through its programs and a diverse network of contacts.
Naturerecording The discussion of nature recording, examples of recordings in the field, the art of nature recording. Members are encouraged to share their experiences in the field of every aspect of nature recording be it handling noises, wind noises or pristine recording locations.
Naturerecordists This moderated group is interested in techniques, issues and general discussion of recording natural sounds. This Yahoo Group is demised in 2019. Former posts are archived to prevent loss of knowledge. The group continues at:
The Taperssection Forums for music and field audiorecording Geluidsregistratie Dutch forum about nature sound recording.
Nature Sound Recording Group Facebook Private facebook group about nature sound recording.



back to top  Audio links: digital audio  

Bird Sounds Digitally Recorded 

Comparison of audio formats Technical information for a variety of audio formats and audio compression formats.


back to top  Audio links: DAT 


back to top  Audio links: MD  

MiniDisc Community Page a huge site! 
Sony MZ-RH1 

back to top  Audio links: DCC  

DCC taken out of production. 

back to top  Audio links: CD-R/W 

CDR info 
Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ 
Optical Storage Technology Assocation CD-R Questions and Answers

back to top  Audio links: DVD  

DVD Frequently Asked Questions 
Philips Site 

back to top  Audio links: Memory Card 


back to top  Audio links: open reel 

Nagra: professional analogue and digital recorders. 
Studer Recorders, Mixing Consoles and Signal Processors 
Tape Recorder The Website Dedicated to Reel to Reel Tape Recorders
Tascam open reel recorders (no portables) 

back to top  Audio links: Compact Cassette  

Sony Online 
Tascam Portastudio: multitrack portable cassette-recorders/mixers. 
Vintage Cassettes: History of the Compact Cassette

back to top  Audio links: Solid state recorders  

Sound Devices 
Avisoft recordertest
BSW recordertest
Wild Mountain Echoes Choosing a sound recorder for nature recording: The essentials
Wingfield Audio recordertest
Transom recordertest

back to top  Audio links: Smartphone 

Smartphone,  plus iRig Pre, plus iRig Recorder app combination to use the iPhone, iPad or Android device for audiorecording. 
iPhone or iPad plus Rode iXY plus app Rode Rec  or Rode Rec LE (Free)
MicW i-Series mics 
Tascam recordingproducts and apps for iOS devices
Wild Mountain Echoes Recording with a smartphone
Zoom iQ5 - iQ7 for iPhone, iPad or iPod with the Handy Recorder app
Zoom AM7 stereomic for Android for use with the Handy Recorder App

back to top  Audio links: Microphones 

Stereo Microphone Techniques  
AKG Acoustics - Home Page  
Audio-Technica microphones  
Beyerdynamic Studio Microphone's and Headphones  
Binaural Microphone Construction  
Brauner's state-of-the-art Tube Microphone: the ideal reference for any natural soundsource.  
Brel & Kjr Condenser Studio Microphone's 
Core Sound Binaural Microphones  
DPA Microphones
DSM Stereo Microphones  
Homemade Binaural Mics  
Microphone data deals in facts, not opinions, with pictures, response curves and technical data from the manufacturers themselves for just about every currently listed microphone. 
Microphone compare
Neumann Studio Microphones, dummy head (binaural stereo microphone), (stereo) shotgun-microphones. 
Pearl Microphones AB: dynamic, condenser (stereo) microphones and accessories. 
Primo EM272 DIY Stereo microphonekit
Reinhardt Microphone Windshields
Rode microphones 
Rycote LTD Microphone Windshields 
Sanken microphones
Schoeps microphones 
Sennheiser Homepage 
Sound Professionals Binaural Microphones 
Telinga microphones 
The University of DPA about Microphones 
Wild Mountain Echoes Microphones for nature recording


back to top  Audio links: Stereo Microphone Arrays for Ambient Field Recording/ binaural recording

Curtis Olson
Dummy head recording
Dummy head recording
Neumann KU100
Soundman OKM
Jecklin Disc
DIY Jecklin Disc

 back to top  Audio links: Soundfield mirophones/ Ambisonic recording

Ambisonic Library

DPA 5100 Mobile 5.1 Surround Mic

Surround Sound Microphone Techniques

Rode NT-SF1

Zoom H3-VR with Zoom Ambionics Player for Windows or Mac

back to top  Audio links: Parabolas  

Dodotronic parabolic microphone
Dollarstore parabolic microphone
Hybrid Stereo Parabolic Microphone (HSPM)
Telinga microphones, Sweden a handy transparent and collapsible series of parabolas. 
Wildtronics Parabolic Microphone stereo and mono transparent and flexible parabolas.
Innercore Parabolic Microphone
More about parabolic microphones
DIY Build your own parabola
DIY Build your own parabola 2


back to top  Audio links: Hydrophones 

DPA Microphones: Brel & Kjr Hydrophone 
Sensor Technology Ltd.; Hydrophones and Acoustic Transducers 
Aquarian Audio products
Jez Riley French Hydrophones and contact microphones, and his hydrophones.blogspot

back to top  Audio links: Bat-detectors 

Bat Echolocation and Bat Detectors some nice pictures & FAQ 
Pettersson Elektronik AB, Sweden the Bat Detector company, also specialized in analysis software and accessories. 

back to top  Audio links: Batteries 

GP Powerbank batterijen & laders. 
The Energizer with a lot of information about (rechargeable -) batteries.
Duracell Procell  batteries for professional applications..

back to top  Audio links: Editors /DAW

Adobe Audition Succeeder of the succesfull Syntrillium CoolEdit. Professional audio editor for Windows and Mac.
Audacity Free audio editor for Windows, Mac and linux.
Amadeus Pro Audio editor for Mac
Avid Pro Tools Professional audio editor
Best audio editing software 2020
Digital Audio Workstations DAW audio software info
FlexiMusic Wave editor Audio Editor to Create, record, edit, draw, add effects & play mp3/audio files.
GoldWave  Audio file recording, filtering and editing.  
iZotope Audiorestauration software
Ocenaudio Free audio editor for Windows, Mac and linux.
Reaper Reaper is digital audio workstation software: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment
Sony SoundForge Audio editor for Windows and Mac 
Steinberg WaveLab Sound editor. Very fast. Advanced pitch shifting, time stretching, hi-fi chorus, 24-bit editing, 3D frequency analysis, integrated audio CD burning and more. Includes advanced audio database to keep track of samples regardless of storage medium. 
Tracer Technologies   Audio Editing, Noise Reduction Software, Audio Restoration Software. 
VST Plugins
Wave Flow is an audio editing program that can perform over 60 functions (like digital filtering, reverb, eco, effects, equalize, fades,...). 

back to top  Audio links: Analyzers 

Avisoft-Sonagraph (free) software for generating sonagraphs. 
Spectrogram: a freeware dual channel audio spectrum analyzer for Windows 95/98/NT. If you need this, maybe you can find the (older) Win 3.x version still somewhere on the web or ask the author. 

back to top  Audio links: Other software 

Acoustica Software should be easy to use!
Musician's CD Player for Windows allows you to transcribe music directly from your computer's CD player. With Musician's CD Player you may repeat any section of the music at full speed or at a lower speed by stretching the length of the music, from 20% to 200%. Without changing the pitch! (Great for studying things like Birdsongs on CD). 
Parametric Equalizer Pro is a professional real-time parametric equalizer that lets you shape the timbre of a sound by boosting or attenuating its frequency components. The high quality and flexibility of the program's filter bank, together with its intuitive user interface, enable you to make subtle or radical changes to your audio material. 
SoundDevices Wave Agent is a powerful tool  with Windows and Mac for editing metadata for WAV and BWF files
SoundDevices Audio Recording Calculator online calculator determines the amount storage space digital audio will use given a time value, or the amount of digital audio time a given amount of storage space will allow
Soundminer Audio file management system + an integrated metadata management tool
VideoLAN VLC player. Free multiformat mediaplayer
Windows Media - the place for digital media: Streaming Audio & Video [WMA, ASF, ASX, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, WAV, AVI, MIDI, MOV, VOD, AU, MP3, WMA, WAX, and QuickTime] 

back to top  Audio links: Audio Compression  

Atrac Sony audiocompression format for MiniDisk
Free Lossless Audio Codec:  Flac-format lossless audio compression
Monkey's Audio Ape-format lossless audio compression
Mpeg Layer 3  MP3 Fraunhofer encoder. 
Mpeg Layer 3  MP3 Lame encoder 
Lossless Audio Lossless audio coding fully preserves the quality of music using only a fraction of the size
Lossless comparison The lossless comparison page aims to gather information about lossless codecs available so users can make an informed decision as to what lossless codec to choose for their needs.


back to top  Audio links: Soundcards  

Creative Labs    
Hercules Soundcard 
Terratec Soundcard  

back to top  Audio links: Interfaces 

Creative labs  

back to top  Audio links: Headphones 


back to top  Audio links: Audio cables Connectors & Wiring 

SOS FAQ: Audiocables & Wiring  
Van den Hull Audio and Video Cable + Connector Wiring Diagrams
Rane Sound System Interconnection


back to top  Audio links: Other hardware 

Frogloggers Automated recording systems for monitoring animal vocalizations
Studer Recorders, Mixing Consoles and Signal Processors 
Wildlife Acoustics Song meter 


back to top  Audio links: Nature sounds recognition 

Birdid 'Bird Identification' is a Norwegian website for anyone who wants to learn more about birds and wants to gain formal evidence of their developing skills.
Xeno Canto Bird sounds library


back to top  Soundmaps 

UK Soundmap
Nature Soundmap
Radio Aporee
Xeno-canto region




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